Student Uniforms

Uniform Policy

One of the safest features PLC offers is the student dress code. Simply put, it is easy to identify who belongs on campus, and who does not. 


Having school uniforms:

  • Decrease bullying and competition
  • Fosters a sense of community
  • Reduces behavior issues
  • Builds student self-esteem
  • Prevents safety concerns
  • Guarantees that our students’ focus is upon receiving a quality education.

We are trying to eliminate disruptions and create the safest environment possible for your child. Please make sure your child is always in compliance with the uniform policy.

Shirts –

Polo shirts must have a collar and button front.  Polo shirts must have the School PLC Arts Academy logo on them.  Student polo shirts must be at an appropriate and conservative length (no oversized or undersized shirts). If in question, student will be asked to tuck his/her shirt in. Students must wear appropriate sizes clothes determined by the Principal.

Pants –

Students must wear “School Uniform” style pants and shorts in navy blue or khaki (tan).  Denim, corduroy, or sweat pants material is never allowed.  Cargo or Skinny pants are never allowed.  Shorts or skirts must be no more than 2” above the knee. Students must wear appropriate sizes clothes determined by the Principal.

Shoes -

In the interest of student safety, appropriate shoes must be worn at all times.  Shoes must be the correct size and tied or buckled securely to the student's foot.  Backless, sandals, “Heelies”, high heels and flip-flops are prohibited.

Jumpers –

Students may wear jumpers in navy blue or khaki (tan).  They must be full, pleated or "A-line" in style.  Jumpers must be no shorter than 2” above the knee while sitting.

Belts –

Belts must have a plain square or rectangle buckle. Belts must be of a conservative length. Anything else is unacceptable.


Navy blue or black are the only colors allowed.

Skirts –

Students may wear full, pleated or A-line skirts in navy blue or khaki (tan).  Skirts must be at the knee while sitting.

Backpacks -

Backpacks may be any color.  Backpacks may have wheels but, for safety reasons, the wheels may not be used while on the school grounds.  Totes, purses, gym bags, are prohibited.

Hats –

Hats are permitted outdoors but are not permitted indoors. Exceptions would only involve students with medical situations requiring head coverings.  In such a case, an explanation letter from the parents/guardians or doctor will be required. School Administrators, in their sole discretion, will make the final decision as to what is appropriate for any Logos on hats.

Hair -

Students may not wear their hair in a manner that is disruptive to the learning environment as may be determined by the administration, in its sole discretion, or that may symbolize gang association.  Hair color must be of normal color (no rainbow colors).


Moderate/conservative jewelry may be worn.  Rule of one will apply:  1 ring, 1 bracelet, 1 pair of earrings, etc.  Excessive jewelry and ornamental accessories such as tongue rings, facial piercings, ear cuffs, earlobe enlargers, chains, spike collars, and spiked wristbands shall not be worn. Administration reserves the right to prohibit/confiscate any questionable items, as determined by the Administration in their sole discretion.

Other Uniform Policy

  • Skin markings i.e. tattoos (temporary or permanent) are not allowed at school.  Any skin markings on the student prior to enrollment must be covered at all times, while the student is on campus.
  • Profane or defamatory writing on the body, clothing or students' property is not acceptable.
  • Students who participate in or attend extracurricular events such as athletics, band, chorus, dances, etc. are subject to the same standards of dress as outlined in this policy.
  • School Administrators, in their sole discretion, will make the final decision as to what is appropriate for any student’s appearance.

In cases where students are out of dress code, students will be sent to In-School Suspension and remain in there until their parent/guardian delivers the appropriate clothing.

If you have any questions about clothing or appearance issues, please call the school office.

Our values of acceptance, respect and inclusion are our primary focus and our cultural diversity is welcomed and celebrated.

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